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Why manufacturing?

Job prospects in this field are good for high school graduates who have strong communication, basic math, and problem solving skills. They can be easily trained to take over highly skilled production jobs. (If you don’t have all of these skills or a diploma, we can help). Machinery manufacturing has some of the most highly skilled – and highly paid – production jobs in the industry. If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and like working with machines, manufacturing might be right for you.

What you need to get started:

High School Diploma/GED
The ability to do lifting and/or other physical activities
A willingness to get your hands dirty

What you can become today:

(with a diploma/GED and on-the-job training)
Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Team Assembler
Production Clerk

What you can become tomorrow:

(with a certificate or 2-year college degree)
Electrical Engineering Technician
Mechanical Drafter

What you can become in the future:

(with 4+ years of college)
Mechanical Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Engineering Manager

Average salary in Bucks County:

Around $28,000/year for Team Assemblers to $107,000/year for Engineering Managers.

Railway Specialties.

This third-generation, family-owned organization manufactures all of the watertight doors, hatches and scuttles for the U.S. Navy’s nuclear aircraft carriers.

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  • Railway Specialties

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